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Whether you are putting a property on the market or planning to live in your home for the foreseeable future, interior design makes all the difference. For people looking to remain in their homes for the long term, interior design can make the difference between living in a beautiful ecosystem that is well tailored to your lifestyle, or living in a home that gets messy easily and never allows you to relax. For people looking to sell their home, home staging can make the difference between a property that sells quickly with multiple offers, or a home that just sits on the market until it is deeply discounted. These are not speculative scenarios. These are the real difference that great home staging and interior design can make and Everything Creative has the client history to back it up. That is why is proud to recommend Everything Creative for any interior design or home staging you may need.

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An Interview With Carol Kaplan

Recently we sat down with the founder of Everything Creative, Carol Kaplan and we thought you might enjoy the interview:

Carol, how long has Everything Creative been in business?

Well, 7 years ago I decided to change the path of my career. So I started looking into how I could use my interior design skills and really benefit peoples lives. During this time I looked into home staging and decided to take a leap of faith. Now I have built this really wonderful business and a wonderful clientele. Even though the market has gone through some down time, we have really been able to not only withstand all of the pressures, but we have also experienced tremendous growth. Today we have a fabulous team and are quite busy doing Home Staging, Interior Design and Remodels.

“Our clients sell their homes faster and for more money.”

Why do you think you have been so successful in getting clients to trust you to redesign their living spaces?

People can see the passion that we have for what we do. Clients can see the time and effort that we put into it making absolutely sure it is just perfect for them. In home staging we have built a track record that proves our clients sell their homes faster and for more money, and we can work with clients to show them the statistics that are most relevant to them. Clients also gain some peace of mind knowing that we have staged over 650 homes.

You have staged 650 homes in the past 7 years?

That’s right. At first the pace was slow of course when the business was new. But, as word got out about the difference our home staging services were making for the realtors I was working with, the business really took off.

How long does it take to stage a house?

Depending on the size of the house and what the house needs. There are really two very different types of staging.

Vacant Homes:

We do vacant houses and all of the furniture and inventory that we bring in belongs to me. So it’s a matter of choosing all of the right furniture, getting our transport crew to deliver it from the warehouse and then setting it up. For a house that is about 2,000 square feet we can stage it in about a day. Houses bigger than that can be 3-4 days, but we have a team of people that is really efficient and we can usually manage to stage a home in a day.

Furnished Homes:

With a furnished home it takes a bit more time to evaluate the space and see beyond what is already there. We have to take inventory of the home and make decisions on what items will stay, what will go into storage and what will just go. At this point the home owners have to understand the difference between home staging and livable interior design. When staging we are designing for a marketable aesthetic. We want the home to sell. This is vastly different than when designing a home to be lived in, where lifestyle considerations are the key. Once the homeowner really understands this, we can do a lot to help them prepare for their move.

What do you think are some of the most common mistakes people are making with their interior design or getting ready for sale?

The biggest thing is that people get so attached to their own possessions, and I understand that because I am too. But, they have to let go of those attachments, tidy up the clutter and just give the house a really good clean start and organize it so that it can appeal to the most people. Staging is about presentation, not lifestyle and that’s the big difference. Interior design is about lifestyle. Home staging is about getting the home sold.

What interior design trends do you see now?

Today I think that the interior design trends are more transitional, you can keep pieces for longer than perhaps you used to. There is a very strong contemporary style, there is a traditional style, but I think that transitional is what most people are going for today because it’s the easiest to live with. You can always change your accessories and art. For instance if you’ve got the basic furniture, you can just change the colors and give it a new pop. It lends itself well to the styling of various seasons. You can just make your house look different without spending a lot of money to do it.

Can you give a list of styles that you work with?

  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Traditional
  • Transitional

There are three basic styles that I really work with. Contemporary, which is a bit minimalistic. Then of course Traditional, which is on the heavier side with more antique pieces. And then there’s Transitional which is kind of modern, but not overly modern and can blend well with Traditional. We like to mix a lot of the pieces to help it look more eclectic and not so stayed. That really just gives it a warmth and allows people to utilize what they’ve already got and just add on to that.

Can you describe to a potential client what the process is like working with you for staging?

When staging a home the first thing that I look at is the curb appeal. That is the most important thing because if the curb appeal is not exciting or pretty or inviting, then people will not even want to go into the home. So I will look at that and give people ideas about how to make the landscaping more exciting at a very minimal cost. Going into the house I will usually check it out and see what there is. If there is a lot of personal or family photos I will ask the client to remove them, because you don’t want a prospective buyer to look at the photos and think about the family who has been living there. You want the prospective buyers to begin to feel that they will be the ones living there. You want the home to start creating feelings of ownership in the prospective buyer. Then we will deal with the clutter and get it out of there. We will clean the windows, doors and floors so that the home feels new. Then, we will move the furniture around because it needs to look spacious and inviting so that people can see themselves living there. We may even put some of the clients things in storage and bring in some of our own furniture and art if necessary.

After the initial home staging consultation I do like for clients to put their personal things away themselves. If they need help with that we can provide that service, we have a team that can come in, pack up and take everything to storage for the client. We then ask the client to see that anything that they will not be keeping after the move, that they go ahead and get rid of it. Whether that is selling or donating it. If the client needs I can suggest a variety of good donation centers. In this way the home should be scaled down before we begin work to save time. Once that is done we get in there are re-arrange the furniture, take down the artwork, take out the accessories that we are not going to be using and we re-organize the entire house. It’s not just one or two little areas. We tend to completely re-do the entire house from top to bottom. Most of the time we can do this within a day. If there is a lot of clutter then it can take longer.

“Clients want their home to sell quickly and for the best price possible.”

What do you think clients are looking for when they work with you to stage their home for sale?

First and foremost they want their home to sell. Clients want to their home to sell quickly and for the best price possible. That is precisely what we have been able to do for our clients through home staging. However, what clients will find is that we are very intent on understanding the nature of their move, whether moving up or moving to a smaller home. It is important for us to understand the factors surrounding the changes that the client is going through and to do what we can to make their transition easier. For instance, we are typically able to help our clients scale down, simplify and organize their belongings do that the move itself is much easier and they are able to enter their new home with the best start possible. That is why a lot of people that we work with for home staging end up asking us to help them with the interior design of their new home.

What is the primary thing that you feel clients want from interior design?

When you’re doing an interior design, it’s the art of lifestyle. People want you to create an environment that becomes their personal space, not something that they are going to be afraid to put their feet up on or something that looks like a museum. I like to look at what the people do and get a really good understanding of their lifestyle, then I will create an interior design that is beautiful but that is also very functional. It really depends on what the client wants. If they want a showpiece, I can give them a showpiece. But, if it’s a primary residence, then I am very particular about understanding how do they live, what they do, where they eat… and I will work it to the way that they prefer to live. We don’t all live the same. People today live very differently and we each need that customized and individual understanding of those preferences.

How far are you willing to travel for a project?

Typically about a two-hour drive from the Mira Mar area, however I can be flexible and even travel great distances for my clients.

How do you charge for your services?

For home staging my consultation is free. If someone wants me to help them take an hour or two going though their stuff and advising them, then I would charge $150 for that. With regard to interior design or color consultations, I charge $150. At the free home staging consultations I am able to get a feel for the work and determine a price. A simple home staging consultation is always free. With the design work I will consider how many hours the project will take. Typically our services are between $125-$150 per hour, just depending on what we will be doing during that time. Some of my clients are very busy and they will have me do all of the shopping for their interior design and I will charge between $75-$100 /hr, however because I am a professional designer I also get some nice discounts and I will pass discounts on to my clients, which tends to offset my fees.

Are all clients going to be working with you personally?

Yes. Whether home staging or interior design, every client will meet with me personally. I will work with them to understand their situation and create a design concept that will deliver what they want. Then my team will be responsible for much of the implementation. While my team is working I will stop by a few times to monitor progress and make sure that everything is wrapped up to perfection.

Introducing the Everything Creative team:

  • Carol Kaplan: Owner & Creative Director
  • Katy Sears: Interior Designer, designing for 8-10 years, with Carol for 4 years full time
  • Marina Araiza: Interior Designer, with Carol for 2 years
  • Kerry Schaperow: Graphic Designer
  • Len Belonsky: Warehouse Manager
  • Nicky Kaplan: Commercial Interior Design

To contact Everything Creative, you can either fill out the contact form below, or use the following information to get in touch with Carol and her team directly.

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