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Need A Handyman?

With the many home improvement projects in the home it can be hard to keep up with maintenance. If your time is valuable or you don’t have home maintenance skills, you might want to consider hiring a local handyman to help you tackle all your projects. It can be difficult to find a reputable handyman, since anyone can advertise as a skilled handyman without having to provide a license or degree. A good handyman will be able to handle a multiple of problems in your home from minor plumbing, electrical, demo work, painting, tile, caulk and drywall fixes.

What You Should Expect From Handyman Services

There are many reasons to hire handyman services. You may not have the time, expertise, tools or you are overwhelmed with the project list and don’t know where to start. Hiring a professional handyman will have the experience to do the job quickly and safely with all the right tools and materials. When you hire a handyman you don’t want any surprises so you should be prepared and know what to expect from handyman services.

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Tools and Materials:

Many handyman services have the ability to handle a wide range of jobs for you. Many of these jobs may require specialized tools. You should expect your handyman services to have the proper tools for your job. If you are looking for someone to do a tiling job make sure they have the proper tools or you will be saddled with the extra expense of renting those tools from a local store.

Professional Services

Just because the industry is so diverse unregulated, you should still expect professional service from you handyman. From the initial interview process to the clean up of the job, you should expect your handyman to have a professional attitude the entire time. The handyman should be able to provide you with the following:

• An estimate of the job costs
• An estimate of how long the job will take
• A list of material costs if any
• A copy of their liability coverage
• References

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Evaluating A Handyman Service

Hiring a good handyman starts with an interview to evaluate handyman services they will offer. Be prepared to ask them questions to help you determine if they can handle the repairs you need in your home.


Ask your handyman how much experience they have in your area. Have a list of what projects you need worked on and determine if they have the skills to completely handle these. Ask them how long they have been in the business and what their favorite jobs included. Have your “honey-do” list ready to show the handyman and ask if those are projects they would be comfortable taking on. Make sure you ask for reference and then check them!

License and registration

Each state has a different set of rules about licensing and registration require for handyman companies and individuals. Handyman services often handle small craft like projects to contractor jobs that carry strict regulations on licensing and regulations.


Some states require written estimates for any job over a specific dollar amount. Even if your state does not require a written estimate you should ask your handyman for one. This will prevent any hidden charges or surprises once your job is completed and protect you from being overcharged. Ask your handyman how he charges. Does he charge by the hour or by the size of the job. If you have a maximum budget amount, be sure to let the

The 3 C’s: Contractor Liability, Credit References and Consumer complaints

Evaluating a handyman service should always include the three C’s: contractor liability, credit references and consumer and consumer complaints. Find out if your handyman service has contractor liability coverage. This is critical when you are having someone provide work in your home. Credit references are not always important for small projects around the house, but if you are considering hiring a handyman service you should not be shy to ask for credit references. Checking consumer complaints before you hire a handyman service can save you lost time and money later. The internet is a great source of information on local services. But you need to be discriminating and read all the reviews. There are always people who like to complain about anything, so you should make sure you read beyond the one bad review. Your local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce can also provide you with consumer complaints or positive reviews. Your local realtor can also be an excellent resource for providing recommendations for good handyman services.

A Good Local Handyman Comes In Handy

Today’s life is busy and full of commitments, so often times our “honey-do” list grows too long for us to manage. This is where a good local hangman comes in handy. When you have a handyman you trust, your small and large projects can get completed in a more timely manner and save you money. Repair projects left too long can sometimes grow into large and costly projects. By having someone you can call will help you stay on top of your home repair.

Working With A Handyman Company

There are many projects where working with a local handyman company will be helpful.

• Seasonal Upkeep
• Home Organization
• Holiday Lighting
• Repair Tips
• Outdoor Maintenance
• Go Green efficiency projects

Find A Handyman

There are lots of handyman services in every area. Finding a good handyman is a skill of its own. Many individuals don’t advertise. so finding a handyman in your area comes down to references. Lumber yards, homeowners associations and hardware stores can often give you a list. A great place to find a hangman is your local top realtor. When preparing homes for sale realtors often help homeowners get their homes in good shape to be put on the market. They have an extensive list of qualified handyman services and can be a great resource. A reference from a local realtor means the person has already been put to the test and passed.

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